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African Drumming and Dance Workshop - Norman

African Drumming and Dance Workshop - Norman

October 7, 201712:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Presented by: Norman Cultural Connection, Inc.
Information: 405/201-9991

Held at: Modern Dance Arts
1423 24th Avenue SW
Norman, OK 73072

This West African Drumming and Dance Workshop with Gordy Onayemi Ryan and Zoe Ryan will offer an educational, cultural, and musical experience into the world of African Drumming rhythms and the interplay between the drumming, singing, and dance. These master teachers will provide foundational information into the historical, cultural, and language aspects associated with the music and dance to enhance the understanding of the context from which West African drumming and dance originates. Everyone will learn the drumming rhythms which will be tailored to the needs of the novice or experienced drummer. Dance instruction will be given on the meaning of the hand gestures and foot movement as an expression of language and meaning of the songs. Gordy Onayemi Ryan is a music educator, composer, and recording artists who performed with Babatundi Olatunji over 25 years, as did Zoe for 15 years.