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In the Light Bulb Room - Stillwater

In the Light Bulb Room - Stillwater

September 19, 20176:30 PM

Oklahoma State University Student Union
French Lounge
Stillwater, OK  

The Ralph Ellison Foundation's "In the Light Bulb Room" series of community forums continues with a panel discussion titled "Is 'Diversity' Enough?: Strategies for Inclusion on Campus and Beyond."

“Celebrating diversity” has long been promoted as a worthy goal by academies of higher learning and civic institutions, but have efforts in this spirit done enough to address the interests of people of color and include them meaningfully within university and civic life? If not, what barriers remain, and how can they best be confronted? This panel conversation will focus on best possible responses and will address such related topics as historical legacy and memorialization, student and administrative engagement, black entrepreneurship, and what it takes to maintain a positive cultural climate on campus and beyond.

To guide discussion, participants will draw upon excerpts from several essays by Ralph Ellison as well as his essay “What America Would Be Like Without Blacks” to examine the ways in which his statement is still true—in this time as it was in his—that “today it is the black American who puts pressure upon the nation to live up to its ideals.”

This event is free and open to the public. All are welcome to join as the program will create a zone of free exploration, multicultural good will, and open conversation with an emphasis on community.