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It's a Mystery:
  Steel yourselves, dear readers, as we plumb the murky depths of human imagination. Ghost stories, Bigfoot, and the eerie specter of the Spook Light lurk in these dark pages. Ask Ouija, if you dare, what twisted minds create the tales of crime and conspiracy that haunt our dreams, yet compel us to follow the unknown into the fog-laden night. Take heed, for what lies ahead is . . . a mystery. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Editor's Note
     By Carla Walker

From Our Perspective
A great public-private experiment.
     By Ann Thompson and Susan McCarthy

More than just fun and games.
     By Mitch Horowitz

Perilous Plots: Mystery and Conspiracy in American Films
Getting a grip on reality through movies and mayhem.
     By Jerry Jerman

Bigfoot--Myth or Monster?
American behemoth--tall, dark, and legendary.
     By Marvin Leeper

M.R. James: Seeing Ghosts in a World of Things
The master storyteller who found "scary" in the ordinary.
     By Joshua Grasso

First Ladies of Noir
Four women who put the "style" in noir.
     By W.M. Hagen

The Spook Light Mystery--Solved! (Sort of.)
Spooktacular adventures on a haunted Oklahoma backroad.
     By Allen Rice