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Occupying our planet is a complex mix of competition and cooperation. Conserve or expand? Constrict or evolve? Inhabiting the Earth, too, is at the center of how we interpret our existence. Mapping the way forward isn't easy; there is no one, right path. But clues are all around us -- in our history, our ethics, and the cultural imagination of what might be. From "Grand Excursion" to "Thinking Like an Ocean," we'll explore and expose Planet Earth.  

A Very Different Story: Exploring the Southwest from Monticello
The unsung "Grand Excursion," a counterpart to Lewis and Clark.

     By Dan Flores

Climate Change in the Disunited States
Civil rights activism -- a model for climate advocates?

     By Michael Svoboda

Weathering Heights -- The Oklahoma Forecast
Weather, history, and managing natural resources.

     By Gary McManus

Blue Revolution: A Water Ethic for Oklahoma and America
Ensuring freshwater for today and the future.

     By Cynthia Barnett

Talking Trash -- A Brief History of Garbage
The town dump and other dirty secrets of waste.

     By Jon Roberts

Thinking Like an Ocean
Discovery is part science and part imagination.

     By Katherine Pandora

Blessed be the bees
A poem on bees and blooms.

     By Britton Gildersleeve

Of the Skin of the Earth
A kids'-eye view of all things outdoors.

     By Brian Doyle