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Swept up in a tide of passion and intrigue,
it was her story, it was his story,
it was history . . .

Fount of the Heart -- The Edna Crockett Valentines
The art and heart of exchanging valentines.

     By Nancy Rosin

Matchmaking: The Second-Oldest Profession
A centuries-old tradition.

     By Meghan Laslocky

The Movie Lover's Guide to Kissing
Tips and clips for reel romance.

     By Mary Brodnax

What's Love Got to Do with It? --In Romance Novels, Everything!
A genre that's getting new respect.

     By Jayashree Kamble

"Pointed Boots Are Just Bad News"
Love lessons from contemporary female poets.

     By Jessica Glover

Equal Access to Hometown Teams: Hurdling Race and Gender Barriers in Oklahoma Sports
Introduction to Hometown Teams, a traveling Smithsonian exhibit.

     By Amy Carreiro