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A Luthier’s Tale: The Craft of Stringed Instruments

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Guest curator Benjamin Liggett brings together local and regional makers in an exhibition dedicated to the art, craft, and design of stringed instruments. Following his training at the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ, Liggett became a full-time luthier at Bishline Banjos. Liggett brings his passion for creating instruments to this exhibition, which is a survey of stringed instruments ranging from the classical violin family to popular instruments such as the guitar and banjo. These instruments are from the studios of a variety of luthiers that represent the culture and craftsmanship of our region. With a documentary of the making process, a wide range of educational programs, and a multitude of performances, this show shines a light on this incredible craft. 

This exhibition is sponsored by Oklahoma Humanities, the Kinder Morgan Foundation, the Flint Family Foundation, and Burt Holmes.


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