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Photo of Jason Doyl, Marty Peercy and Emily Stacey

Jason Doyle, Marty Peercy, & Emily Stacey

Jason Doyle is a proud native Oklahoman who grew up in the small town of Union City. It was an encounter with on-air radio personalities which led him to becoming involved with the media throughout his career. He started as an intern at Oklahoma City’s KJ-103 in the early 1990s eventually joining its top-rated morning show. He moved to Kansas City to entertain and inform audiences there in the mid-1990s. He returned home in 2002 and returned to the Oklahoma City airwaves at KTOK in 2003. Since then, Jason has been involved with local radio and television stations in various capacities, including political correspondent, business reporter, and content provider across the growing digital and social media platforms for those broadcast stations. He has worked for print and digital publications covering energy, business, politics, entertainment and popular culture. He even spent a couple of years as a public relations/marketing director and Chief Information Officer for a local software company.

Emily Stacey is a Political Science professor. She successfully completed her dissertation defense in November 2016, and formally graduated with her doctorate in July 2017 from Swansea University (Wales, UK). Emily’s dissertation research focuses on the necessity of bureaucratization in contemporary social movements, and Activism respectively.

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