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OH Grant-Funded Programs

Tulsa Chautauqua | 20TH CENTURY VISIONARIES: Catalysts for Change

TBA June 8, 2021 - June 12, 2021

Event Details

Oklahoma Chautauqua introduces audiences to historical views, customs, and culture that inspire new perspectives of the human experience. Characters are portrayed with historical accuracy by national and local scholars.

The 2021 theme, 20th Century Visionaries: Catalysts for Change, recognizes key 20th century individuals whose work and vision continue to influence human experience in the 21st century. These men and women continue to inspire others because their unusual foresight and imagination led them to overcome their dissatisfaction with society as they experienced it and strive for something different. Their groundbreaking work offers possibilities for humanity to grow.

Five talented scholars deliver entertaining, insightful and educational historical presentations and workshops. Each scholar has extensively researched the famous, infamous or obscure visionary they portray, to realistically recount the lifetime experiences of these remarkable figures in period costumes.

Details: 45 minute rehearsed nightly presentations, each followed by two 15 minute Q&A sessions. In the first session the scholar will answer in character, and in the second, they answer as researcher.
Dates: Tues - Sat, June 8th - 12th
Time: Starts at 7 pm every night.
Location: TBA

Presented at Noon & 5:30 pm each day by a scholar not presenting the evening program.
Dates: Tues - Sat, June 8th - 12th
Location: TBA

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