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49th Annual Wewoka Sorhgum Festival

Event Details

Seminole Nation Museum is a proud contributor in Wewoka's 49th Annual Sorghum Festival that helps tell the unique story of the state of Oklahoma.  On the museum grounds each year, a group of presenters gather to demonstrate a variety of cultural and artisitic subjects that reflect the state's pioneer and Native American history.  From Cherokee basket weaving, flint-napping, or hide tanning and trading, visitors of the museum will leave with a deeper understanding of what makes Oklahoma such a culturally diverse place.  Storytellers tell traditional western tales and demonstrate their Native language.  Food is also served on the grounds that day, cooked traditionally over an open fire so guests can experience Native cuisine.  One of the biggest attractions is the sorghum mill, which is operated by a team of mules.  Visitors not only enjoy the rich taste of sorghum, but witness it being created firsthand.

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