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Oklahoma Humanities accepts funding requests for projects that bring the ideas and insights of the humanities to life. Projects should engage humanities scholarship to analyze significant themes in disciplines such as history, literature, ethics, and art history. Oklahoma Humanities funding supports projects in three program categories: Public Programs, Preservation and Access Projects, and Education Projects.

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Grants for Public Humanities Projects

The Public Humanities Projects category supports projects that bring the ideas of the humanities to life for general audiences through public programming. Projects must engage humanities scholarship to analyze significant themes in disciplines such as history, literature, ethics, and art history. Awards support projects that are intended to reach broad and diverse public audiences in non-classroom settings in Oklahoma. Projects should engage with ideas that are accessible to the general public and employ appealing interpretive formats. We likewise welcome humanities projects tailored to particular groups, such as tribal communities, seniors, veterans, and underserved communities.

A young boy gazes at a Fabrege Egg while listening to the humanities-based educational exhibit copy. Courtesy of the OKCMOA.
Grants for Exhibits Outright funding up to $10,000 The Exhibits category supports the creation, development, or implementation of a permanent, temporary, or traveling exhibit. More Info
A group of young adults attend a literature reading and discussion group at a local library.
Grants for Humanities Discussions Outright funding up to $10,000 The Humanities Discussions category supports living history programs, conferences, community conversations, symposia, lectures or lecture series, reading and discussion programs, analytical discussions of museum collections or theater/musical performances. More Info
Two Tibetan monks create an intricate sand mandala. Courtesy of Norman Cultural Connections.
Grants for Cultural Experiences Outright funding up to $10,000 The Cultural Experiences category supports formats that explore local history or cultural heritage such as historic walking tours, cultural trips, festivals, guided tours, or Chautauquas. More Info
Woman recording a podcast
Grants for Media Projects Outright funding up to $10,000 The Media Projects category supports the development and production of radio programs, podcasts, print and digital publications, educational video(s), or other digital projects that engage general audiences with humanities ideas in creative and appealing ways. More Info

Grants for Preservation and Access Projects

The Preservation and Access category supports projects that focus on ensuring the long-term and wide availability of primary resources in the humanities. Projects preserve and create access to collections and cultural heritage resources of importance for research, education, and public programming in the humanities. Project formats include language revitalization and preservation, oral history projects, and the digitization of collections.

Cherokee language conversation photo, courtesy of the Cherokee Heritage Center.
Grants for Language Preservation Outright funding up to $10,000 The Language Preservation category supports the preservation of endangered human languages. More Info
Two men sitting across from each other at a desk with microphones
Grants for Oral History Projects Outright funding up to $10,000 The Oral History category supports community-based efforts to safeguard cultural resources through identifying, documenting, and/or collecting cultural heritage and community experiences through oral histories. More Info
Conservator Danja Kielmann Works A Piece Of Medieval Glass
Grants for Preservation or Digitization of Collections Outright funding up to $10,000 The Collections Preservation or Digitization category supports the digitization, maintenance, modernization, and sustainability of existing humanities collections. More Info

Grants for Education Projects

The Education Projects category supports humanities education through educational experiences, curriculum development, and professional development opportunities for either public K-12 students or Humanities Educators.

A group of history teachers learn about new curriculum.
Grants for Educator-Serving Projects Outright funding up to $10,000 Projects for full- or part-time K-12 educators who teach in Oklahoma public schools. Projects may include teacher institutes or workshops, the creation and dissemination of curriculum guides, or other educator-serving projects. More Info
A group of young school children learn about art history.
Grants for Student-Serving Projects Outright funding up to $10,000 Projects for K-12 Oklahoma public school students. Projects may include in-person learning events or field trips, virtual learning events or online programs, or hybrid virtual learning experiences. More Info
Woman studying in library
Grants for Humanities Scholar Research Fellowships Outright funding up to $500 Scholar Research Fellowship Grants fund awards of up to $500 for Oklahoma Humanities Scholars who are affiliated with an academic institution. These awards are offered to encourage and increase original humanities research by Oklahoma scholars. More Info
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