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Blurred Background Image Fall & Winter 2017 Edition


Fall | Winter 2017 VIETNAM

Published November 1, 2017


Coinciding with the PBS debut of The Vietnam War, Ken Burns’ 18-hour documentary series, we examine the varied voices of the Vietnam era: decisions leading to U.S. military involvement; social pressures at work in American society; recollections of soldiers and refugees; and the lingering effects on U.S. foreign policy. Don’t miss this special, extended issue featuring two Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

Authors and contributors: Lynne Novick, Carla Walker, Dr. Mark Atwood Lawrence, Dr. Fredrik Logevall, Dan Glenn, Dr. Gregory A. Daddis, Xiao-Bing Li, Dr. Heather Marie Stur, Dr. Sarah Eppler Janda, Thom Nickels, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Denise Duong, Dr. Christian Appy, Gary L. Smith, Dr. Mia Martini, Terry P. Rizzuti, and Dr. Gordon O. Taylor. 

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