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Fall | Winter 2018 CURIOSITY

Published November 1, 2018


Curiosity is within all of us. It can build nations and bridge cultures. We bring you this Cabinet of Curiosities, an issue filled with the musings of poets, writers, and humanities scholars who answered the challenge: “Tell us. What makes you curious?” From the Oklahomarama to the National Mustard Museum, we take a journey to the wildly unexpected in this companion publication to Curiosity Fest.

Authors and contributors: Walter Isaacson, Peter A. Gilbert, Larry Johnson, Dr. Katherine Pandora, Dr. Rachel Jackson, Dr. Mark Alexander, Dorothy Alexander, Art Lien, Dr. Kevin Shortsleeve, Carol Hamilton, Jessica Goodfellow, Elaine Warner, Pamela Chew, Dr. Diane Boze, Lance Hunter, and Lewis H. Lapham. 


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