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Fall | Winter 2019 TIME

Published November 1, 2019


Time frames every human experience.  In this issue, we examine our concepts of time: how and why we measure it, the stories we tell ourselves about it, and what we think about how our time begins and ends. Consider works about the end of the world, the ritual of the New Year, Virginia Woolf’s work, vanity, and dementia—on your own time.

Authors and contributors: Dr. Matt McCook, Dr. Christopher Malone, Dr. Alexis McCrossen, Paul Bowers, Shaun Perkins, Jennifer Kidney, Ken Hada, John Robert Andrws, Stephen Boyd Cates, Stephen Goodwin, Dr. John Bruce, Dr. Pedro Blas Gonzalez, Michelle Martin, Pamela Chew, and Kimberly Roblin.

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