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Blurred Background Image Fall | Winter 2022 Etc


Fall | Winter 2022 ETC

Published October 11, 2022


In this 15th anniversary issue of Oklahoma Humanities magazine, we ask: what if etc. didn't signal the end of a thought, but the beginning? Join us as we consider the details and everything else that etc. implies. The quirky and miscellaneous. The intriguing and elusive. Meet an immigrant cobbler who became shoemaker to the stars. Explore Thomas Jefferson's surprising shorthand. Celebrate hybrid and hyphenated culture with Rudolfo Anaya. Learn how practice nearly makes perfect on the pitching mound, hear the rest of Paul Harvey's story, and more. Don't miss these creative articles that will inform, enlighten, surprise, and inspire. 

Authors and contributors: Dr. Terry Phelps, Doug Wedge, Danny Heitman, David Skinner, Dr. Michelle Tolini Finamore, Elaine Warner, Dr. Robert Con Davis-Unidano, Rudolfo Anaya, and Kimberly Roblin. 

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