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Spring | Summer 2020 HOME

Published June 1, 2020


The word “home” is layered with meaning and infiltrates multiple aspects of our lives. Is it a place? Community? Security? Inclusion in a group? The search for home—and the protection of it—is at the heart of identity, coming-of-age, the exploration of new frontiers, as well as immigration, nationalism, and war. We’ll explore the varied ways “home” defines our place in the world. View women’s suffrage, food, WWI sheet music, Dorothea Lange’s Dust Bowl images, Woody Guthrie, fantasy literature, and more through the lens of home.

Authors and contributors: Ayelet Tsabari, Thomas Fox Averill, Dr. Sunu Kodumthara, Dr. Kristin Griffeath, Kimberly Roblin, Dr. Will Kaufman, Dr. Joshua Grasso, Dr. Hayden Roberts, and Seungho Lee.

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