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Blurred Background Image Spring | Summer 2022 CODE


Spring | Summer 2022 CODE

Published April 14, 2022


“Code” defies simple definition. From principles, rules, and laws to science, technology, and communication, code carries the framework of “how-to.” It can be read as raised dots in Braille or heard as dots and dashes in Morse Code. Code tracks our secrets, our preferences, and our DNA. No matter the application, code is a key to information and understanding—just as the humanities are key to processing the human experience. Unlock the humanities with this issue and learn the many meanings behind tattoos, Native American ledger art, Dewey Decimal numbers, Morse Code, monsters, and Main Street. 

Authors and contributors: Dr. Leeda Copley, Leonard C. Bruno, Dr. Candace S. Greene, Dr. Eric D. Singleton, Sarah Olzawski, Pamela Chew, and Dr. Jared Macken.

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