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Summer 2014 RIGHTS

Published May 1, 2014


From the time America was only an idea, citizens have been fighting for individual liberties. The achievement of those rights is anything but easy; one person’s civil liberties may be in direction competition with another’s rights and values. We hold a precarious balance in winning rights. It’s tempting to toe the line, to stay in one hard-won place. But society changes, prods us along, challenges us to look ever farther ahead to accommodate those changes. The slightest slip in attention could result in a loss.

Authors and contributors: Ryan Kiesel, Alex Andreev, William E. White, Joe Starita, Donel Keeler, Rick Tepker, Art Lien, Naomi Benaron, Aude Van Ryn, Sharon Allred, Anita Hill, and Betty Refour.

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